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PinPoint Checkmate Training & Help Videos

We have assembled the following videos to help you better understand and use our Checkmate platform.
These videos are perfect for first time users of the systems or veterans who just want a refresher.

If you are looking for something specific, use the navigation system below.
If this is your first time using the system, start here for the most effective learning experience.

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1 Before You Begin

1.1 Using Checkmate with Google Chrome
1.2 Using Checkmate with Mozilla Firefox
1.3 Using Checkmate with Internet Explorer

2 Getting Started

2.1 Logging In To Checkmate
2.2 Checking Installation & Current Status Info

3 Vehicles

3.1 Editing a Vehicle
3.2 Finding Vehicles on the Map
3.3 Finding the Nearest Vehicle to an address

4 Trip History

4.1 Running the Trip History
4.2 Interpreting Trip History Data
4.3 Showing Trip on the Map
4.4 Exporting Trip History to Excel

5 Zones

5.1 Creating a Zone
5.2 Creating a Zone Type