PinPoint Customers

Hundreds of small to large businesses rely on our Fleet Tracking Software and Products to effectively track their vehicles and provide them with rich data on which to make informed and timely decisions. These include service, delivery, distribution and transportation companies. Many of our larger clients use PinPoint’s Professional Fleet Tracking Services to correlate and analyse the data on their large fleets. This saves them time and gives them just the right amount of information to make high ROI decisions.

Business Cases

Depending on your industry, some benefits of truck tracking can be more pronounced. When speed to delivery is crucial, you’ll be glad you can find the nearest vehicle to a client and send them accurate directions. If government compliance is critical, you’ll be glad you can get accurate reports on hours worked. Click on your industry below to see the results our industry customers have experienced.

Some Industries We Serve

  • Waste Management
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Delivery
  • Landscape & Snow Removal
  • Construction
  • Trades (HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, etc.)
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
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Months ahead of the Canadian ELD mandate, Purolator is simplifying Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, boosting productivity, and reducing operational costs with the Descartes Telematics solution »

Testimonials: Our Clients are our Best Advertisement!

“We love our PinPoint GPS tracking system! It is a superb product!

The minute-by-minute, global coverage gives us unmatched visibility into our customers and our staff. It has everything we need: proof of service reports, staff productivity and route tracking, gas, speeding, mileage and vehicle maintenance monitoring. With PinPoint’s system my expense sheet, which use to take me over an hour, now only takes me five minutes to complete. We currently have 14 Mechanics and 10 Sales Reps on the system and we are now getting staff requests for more – it makes their reporting effortless too.

At United Cleaning Services Canada, we take pride in being the leading provider of interior and exterior facility maintenance in Canada and PinPoint helps us deliver our high-quality service.”

John Kennedy

Operations Manager, United Cleaning Services Canada

“I would definitely recommend PinPoint GPS Solutions to other operation managers!

PinPoint’s System has already proven its worth and we have just installed the devices. Now at the touch of a button, I can easily tell what is fact and what is fiction, who has or has not completed their routes on time and without incident. It has given me increased capability to ensure that GFL’s clients get the very best service.”

Andrew Rahn

Operations Manager, Green For Life Environmental Corp., Sandhill

“I continue to be impressed by PinPoint!

Tracking our trucks has enabled us to better utilize our staff and equipment. Now I know when and if things like mobile generators are being used – if they aren’t I moved them where they are needed. I also like how PinPoint’s system monitors engine diagnostics and identifies when maintenance is needed.”

Ed Muzzatti

Owner, Oakland Construction Services Inc.

“PinPoint’s tracking system has given us the ability to

obtain accurate hours of work and service records from all field activities including arrival & departure times from individual client site locations. We now have the ability to better manage our team, productivity and customer service, giving us a competitive edge and enabling us to maximize profitability. Our dispatching has become effortless drastically improving our customer service. This is especially obvious during adverse winter weather where time is of the essence. It also helps us ward of false claims of service delays.”

Greg Cameron

Owner, Cameron Landscaping

“Having GPS on all of our equipment is just smart business,

and that is why it is mandatory for all Wintergreen franchises to have GPS from PinPoint Inc. installed on all equipment. Our industry is full of variables, GPS eliminates the guess work. Knowing where our assets are at all times not only allows us to save time and money but it also makes dispatching more effective during storms. Our customers also benefit from GPS, they know when it comes to proof of service Wintergreen can’t be beat. We can provide many different reports from time on site to the actual operation of each plow/salter.

I would recommend PinPoint Inc. to any landscape or snow and ice control company looking to take their business to the next level.”

Shawn Marynuk

Wintergreen Grounds Management Services