Toronto District School Board Testimonial

The Toronto District School Board purchased Fleet Complete Tracking devices from PinPoint in mid-2010 for its fleet of Security vehicles. The following comments were provided by David Parnell, a Group Leader of the School Board’s Security Team, and the primary user of the Fleet Complete system. The Security team is responsible for security operations at all of the Board’s primary, and secondary schools across Metropolitan Toronto.

We find Fleet Complete has made a significant difference in our ability to manage our operations. The on screen tracking makes it much easier for us to dispatch our resource to any of our 731 sites quickly, safely and efficiently in the event that a situation occurs where timely response is essential. It also helps us ensure that routine checks are being made at all locations we are responsible for.

We have found that there is a wealth of designed-in reporting capability that fully meets our information requirements. The reports have enabled us to manage the actions of our field staff in a fair and transparent manner – fair and transparent to the employees themselves, while at the same time, helping us provide the Board with clear documentary evidence of the activities for which we are held accountable. Most importantly, it has helped us demonstrate that we are not only carrying out our responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner but utilizing our resources as best as we can. As a public body we are under increasing pressures on cost containment while at the same time, we are expected to achieve and maintain our standards of performance and efficiency. Under these circumstances Fleet Complete is an invaluable tool in accomplishing this and an essential tool that enable us to demonstrate to our stakeholders that our actions were appropriate.

Dave Parnell
Security Team Leader