MOBILELOCK Articles and Testimonials



Highly effective and much less expensive!

“DeWALT’s MOBILELOCK has worked great on our remote warehouse! The local security company wanted over $1200 to pre-wire for an alarm plus hard wiring for telephone service was required, not to mention the $60/month monitoring fee. DVR equipment was exceeding $3000. The MOBILELOCK indoor motion kit took 15 minutes to install with two screws and plugged into an outlet. The setup on the Web was a breeze. Bottom line…works great!”
— Doug Kohoutek, Pres. Colony Heating & AC

Great for Protecting Trailers

“In the darkness of night, a professional thief will back up a trailer and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment and materials in a matter of minutes. At 6 a.m., when your crews are ready to start work, it’s already too late, costing you lost labor hours and putting you behind schedule. The DeWALT MOBILELOCK is like a covert little security guard watching over your valuables 24/7.”
— Gary Abrams, NJ Private Investigator

Equipment Found! Worked Perfectly!

“We are a construction company in Florida and always got expensive equipment stolen from jobsites. The MOBILELOCK Alarm with GPS was placed on a job box and under a crate of cable. Around 2 a.m., crooks came by and loaded up their trucks with our stuff. Within seconds, the alarm notified me it was stolen and on the move. I called the police and we tracked everything on the computers and caught everyone by 3 a.m. By 6 a.m., everyone was at the worksite, including the recovered goods and no one missed a beat of any lost work time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has expensive equipment that may be outdoors.
Equipment Found! Worked Perfectly!”
— RKW Contractors

Woman Kidnapped is Now Safe

“Last week our department deployed one of your DeWALT tracking devices during a kidnapping/sexual assault case…The suspects told the victim that if her family did not come up with $20,000, another family member would be kidnapped as well. My unit was contacted and we were able to place a DeWALT MOBILELOCK in with the money to be delivered to the suspects. The money was dropped and the suspects recovered the money. We were able to track the suspects to a residence where four suspects were taken into custody. We also recovered the money and a kilo of cocaine.”
— Sgt. Walt Reed, Kern County Sheriffs