Cameron Landscaping testimonial

For over three decades Cameron Landscaping has been a preferred grounds care service provider for property managers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Cameron provides its customers with superior grounds maintenance, construction, and snow removal services.

Cameron Landscaping has elected to utilize GPS technology from PinPoint Inc to track its fleet of vehicles. The major benefit to Cameron is the ability to oversee resources to maintain a productive operation. In addition, Cameron has the ability to obtain accurate time record information for all field activities including arrival & departure times from individual client site locations. The ability to manage time helps Cameron maintain a competitive edge & maximize profitability in performing landscape grounds care & snow removal services.

The other benefit is superior customer service. This is of particular importance during adverse winter weather events where time is of the essence to meet the expectations of clients & prevent claims from occurring due to delays in service. In performing services to clients, Cameron dispatchers receive automated notifications of arrival and departure of its trucks without having to contact drivers.

Cameron also obtains reports generated by the system that document the time on site, excessive vehicle speeds, idle & stop times, operation of vehicle accessories such as plows & salting equipment. In addition, specific vehicle scheduled maintenance requirements are automatically emailed to service personnel when required scheduled maintenance is necessary. These tools help manage the deployment of assets during a storm, and improve the overall operating efficiency of the business.

“The key factor in our selection was the numerous features available in the system to efficiently manage our operation, including the ability to be notified & record the actual operation of plowing or salting equipment on client sites. This information is not only important in knowing the work is actually being performed, but also provides third party evidence of the work performed if required in future,” said Greg Cameron

Greg Cameron