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Winner of $25 Coffee Gift Card

May 30, 2013 - by Vince Arone


We want to thank all the participants for your time to make our first Customer Survey email campaign successful. As promised, we’ve collected the names and picked the winner randomly.

The lucky winner of $25 coffee gift card is 

Iris Man from ABCO Group

PinPoint Client Survey Results & Next Steps!

April 18, 2013 - by Vince Arone

PinPoint Client Survey Results & Next Steps!

In early December 2012, PinPoint issued its annual Client Survey.
Our goal  was to better understand how we could serve you, because frankly good service is not enough, we want to be the best.

Overall Results:

More than 85% of our clients are very happy with our service and were willing to recommend us to others. While we received positive reviews overall, we also received some very good constructive criticism, which highlighted potential areas of improvement.

Sales Representatives Specific Results:

The sales representatives were rated on four categories – Timeliness, Professionalism, Industry Knowledge and Customer Service. They did well, gaining an average rating of:

3.3 out of a possible 4, which corresponds to ‘Good’.

Client Support Specific Results:

The team was rated 3.0 on responsiveness, 3.2 on both professionalism and customer service and 3.3 on technical knowledge, for an overall average rating of:

3.2 out of a possible 4, which corresponds to a ‘Good’.

Opportunities for Growth:

Some Respondents indicated:

  • client assistance was only provided ‘moderately quickly’
  • a need for improved communication between staff and client (reduced emailing back and forth)
  • they required more in-depth training to get the most out of our system

PinPoint’s Response:

  1. Developed Client Support Resources – User Videos, Trouble Shooting Guide, Advanced Training
  2. Reviewed & Revised Internal Response System – Established internal procedures & checks
  3. Effective Communication Principles & Practice – Internal Workshop to Increase Competencies


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