• Is GPS tracking for large companies only?
    GPS tracking is a valuable tool for any size business with fleet vehicles or heavy equipment. The applications are very scalable to meet the varied needs of many different types of businesses, and have been installed in fleets ranging in size from 1 vehicle to tens of thousands of vehicles. It is a reality that the larger the fleet, the greater the payback on the investment.
  • Is there a way to try the GPS tracking systems before ordering to gauge their effectiveness?
    Yes. A PinPoint representative would be pleased to discuss your needs, and then show you how our products will meet them. If it is suitable we would be pleased to conduct a pilot together with you so you can see the benefits in your business.
  • Can GPS Tracking be integrated into my other back office systems?
    Yes. Our SDK (software development kit) enables our customers to integrate Checkmate with 3rd party applications. If you prefer, PinPoint would also be pleased to perform the development through our professional services team.
  • How do other companies handle the issue of employees feeling as though they aren’t trusted?
    PinPoint strongly encourages its customers to use GPS tracking to promote and encourage positive behaviours rather than as a weapon to be used to instill discipline in its employees. Discipline is much more effective if it is self-imposed by the employees.
    By setting targets and then celebrating employee behaviour that contributes to achievement of those targets, the corporate culture will be changed. This translates directly into measurable profitability improvements. For example, in a case like idling, rewards could be given to drivers each month if they reduce idling time or a “Driver of the Month” could be given to the driver with the lowest idling percentage. 
  • Can GPS tracking help me reduce my fuel costs?
    There are 6 ways in which GPS tracking can reduce fuel costs:

    • Reduced idling through idling alerts and reports;
    • Reduced speeding through speeding alerts and reports;
    • Reduced frequency of jack rabbit starts through acceleration alerts and reports;
    • Reduced kilometres driven through efficient routing and dispatching the nearest vehicle to a customer site;
    • Compliance with maintenance schedules via the maintenance schedule and the engine diagnostics module;
    • Reduced after hours usage of company vehicles through improper usage alerts and reports.

    Together these techniques can cut fuel consumption by up to 25%.

  • What kind of businesses benefit from GPS tracking?
    Any business with fleet of vehicles will benefit from the GPS tracking solutions provided by PinPoint.
  • Does PinPoint have any customer reference material?
    Please refer to our customer testimonials section located at Testimonials
  • Can PinPoint support locations across Canada and the U.S.?
    Yes. PinPoint has customers from coast to coast across Canada and the US. We have trained sales and technical personnel that can address your requirements no matter what state or province your business operates in.  
  • Where can I find ideas on how to use the system more effectively in my business?
    There are a variety of sources of this information. Perhaps the best choice to start off would be a review of the online videos that are accessible from the website. While these are primarily intended as training material, they may also provide customers with ideas on how best to apply the information generated by our products. Please feel free to contact a PinPoint representative for additional ideas – we thrive on customer interaction.  Our experience drawn from thousands of units in the field will help you get the most out of the system. Finally, for an in-depth review of how you are currently using the system and a prescriptive program of changes that will greatly increase your return on investment, please contact our professional services team.