Third Party Hardware Integration

The consolidation of devices in commercial fleet vehicles means greater productivity, more accountability, more accuracy and use for data that both the PinPoint’s fleet solutions produce and third party devices deliver. The GO4 platform includes serial connectivity to third party devices. When connected, the GO4 GPS telematics solution will date, time, locate, and ignition stamp the third party data as it is sent securely for dashboard, reporting, or back office use.


Off-the-shelf compatible Garmin models have been turned into useful messaging tools that support notifications, broadcast alerts, dispatches, canned messages and (of course) navigation. Messages can be sent to a single vehicle, a group, or all vehicles. Once sent, the GPS Text Messages screen will show the time when the message was read by the Driver – and the time when the Reply was sent.


PinPoint now offers Iridium satellite GPS vehicle tracking solutions. The Iridium modem has been integrated with GO4 as a backup means of communication. The GO4 will use the cellular network as its primary means of communication, but in the event that the device can no longer communicate via the cellular network, the GO4 device will send positional updates via the Iridium network. This in turn provides reliable and cost effective solutions to your organization.


You can’t see most of our products, but you can count on them. Your safe flight might depend on our collision avoidance and traffic control systems, wing ice and wind shear sensors, autopilots and landing systems. Our control systems keep your home and office at just the right temperature. Our space-age fibers make body armor bullet-resistant. And, as leading makers of safer substitutes for CFCs, we help protect the earth’s ozone layer.


Vulcan On-Board Scales has become a worldwide leader providing axle group and payload weight data. They provide on-board weighing systems for trucks with spring, air or mixed suspensions. The result is a broad range of products that address the accuracy and durability requirements of the timber, refuse, aggregate, general trucking and related industries.