Fleet Complete series of Products

MGS 200 Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker enables you to monitor your fleet in real-time, receive vehicle alerts and run reports on past activity to help streamline your operating costs.


Fleet Tracker Benefits:


Stop Excessive Idling:

Running a vehicle at idle speed dramatically reduces engine life. According to a Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory study, just 60 minutes of idling time is equivalent to 80 to 120 minutes of driving time. Excessive idling can waste up to 790 gallons of fuel annually for the average truck.  With Fleet Complete, you can monitor your fleet for excessive idling. Alerts will notify you in real-time when a vehicle has been idling for longer than a set period of time.


Reduce Average Fleet Speed:

Speeding has a great impact on overall fleet costs. It can impact fuel economy, engine wear as well as insurance costs. According to the Edmunds fuel economy study, fuel consumption increases almost 3% for each km per hour (kmph) above 80. If your fleet is currently averaging 120  kmph, and that number is reduced to 105 kmph through the use of Fleet Complete’s speeding alerts, it would result in a decrease in fuel consumption of 14%! A U.S. Department of Energy study  showed that a 15 kmph reduction, would decrease engine wear by 80%, significantly reducing maintenance expenses.

By reducing speeding and excessive idling, you’ll not only save on fuel costs, but you’ll play an important role in saving our environment as a high percentage of vehicle emissions are released at idle and at speeds over 100 kmph.

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