Products: DEWALT MobileLock GPS Tracking

Track & Secure Your Mobile Assets with DEWALT MOBILELOCK GPS Locator & Anti-Theft Alarm. Asset management has never been easier. You can now track your mobile assets such as trailers, equipment and vehicles while protecting them against theft and making recovery, if they are stolen a breeze. It’s simple lock and load your assets with MobileLock, affordable security you can’t afford not to have.

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Portable Wireless GPS Units

Easy to install, Use and Move

Built-in Sensors

Tamper, Door Contact, Temperature and Vibration Sensor

Alarm Notification

Provide Instant Alerts to up to three people

Jobsite Tough

Weatherproof, Impact & Heat Resistant

Expandable Platform

Optional Accessories to increase use


Easy To Install, Use & Move

Track Mobile Assets

Secure Mobile Assets


  • Easily and Remotely Locate Mobile Assets
  • Cargo & Shipment Tracking
  • Monitor cargo temperature, vibration and location of assets
  • Locate lost or stolen assets
  • Instantly Contacts Up To Three People
  • Remote Site Security
  • Recover stolen assets (hide in shipment/assets)
  • Deter theft (place in plain sight)
  • For less than the cost of a coffee a day

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Greg Cameron – Owner, Cameron Landscaping