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PinPoint’s next generation GO9 Plug & Play Tracker has an innovative platform that can grow with your business. One of PinPoint’s most popular vehicle trackers, this model is both an affordable and state affordable state-of-the-art solution to your fleet tracking needs. The benefits of this line are clear: Reduce Fleet Costs, Increase Productivity and Efficiency, Improve Safety, and Strengthen Compliance. Read about our clients’ experiences.



GO9 Geotab Product Image



It’s easy to install and use

Driver Safety

It helps protect your fleet drivers


Maximize ROI by saving costs

Productivity Tracking

Get the most out of your fleet

  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Instant Notifications and Emailed Reports
  • Create Driver Rules
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard Reports
  • Over-the-air initial provisioning and firmware updates
  • Instant Accident Notifications
  • Risk & Safety Report and Driver Ratings
  • Measures precise vehicle movements such as harsh braking and acceleration
  • Safety Trending Reports
  • Posted Road Speed vs. Actual Speed
  • In-Vehicle Driver Coaching
  • Safety Trending Reports
  • Ensuring Seatbelt Usage
  • Driving in Reverse
  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Idling, Speeding, Mileage
  • Optimized Routing and Scheduling
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear
  • Track Fuel Consumption
  • Detect Engine Issues
  • Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Congregation Reporting
  • New Exception Rules
  • Dispatch with Garmin GPS
  • Trips and Activity Reporting
  • New Exception Rules
  • Driver ID
  • IOX port: Add on hardware for Driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, asset tracking, satellite communication and more
  • LTE connectivity is available on select products

… we have been able to support our staff,clients and suppliers with much greater ease and accuracy… read more.

Luca Farneti – Franchisee, Clintar, Mississauga West.

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Descartes and Geotab:

Transforming Fleet Management with Advanced Telematics


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