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Geotab Integration – Seamlessly integrate your Geotab devices with Fleetio.


Get automatic odometer readings


odometer readingsOdometer readings automatically sync every day or use the one-click option to manually trigger a sync at any time.


Resolve failed inspection items with
maintenance workflows


failed-inspections-icon-2Automatically create issues from failed inspection items from your Geotab DVIRs. Quickly assign service work for a speedy repair and resolution.


Report on fuel location exceptions.


fuel locationsFuel card transactions are automatically compared against actual vehicle location and geolocation differences exceeding a certain threshold are lagged. Get a daily email summary and detailed map visualization.


Manage Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) &
engine faults.


diagnostic troubleGet an email notification of new fault codes (with the option to ignore) and create an Issue in Fleetio from a fault code with one click.


Set your current vehicle location in Fleetio.


vehicle locationEasily see a vehicle’s current location right on the vehicle profile page in Fleetio.


Navigate seamlessly between systems.


navigate systemsView a vehicle’s current location directly from its vehicle profile in Fleetio or use the “View in Fleetio” button in Geotab to navigate to the vehicle profile in Fleetio.


Fleetio Manage:
A Complete
System of Record
for Your Fleet


Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about vehicles and drivers.


Stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime.

Reduce one of your largest operational costs – fuel.

Simplify management of driver records and vehicle assignments.

Share responsibilities and data among team members.



fleetio manage


Download Fleetio Manage sheet


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Maintenance & Repairs



PM Scheduling


Set up reminder notifications for any service task (e.g. oil change). Subscribe multiple users to any reminder, including renewal reminders.


Defect Reporting


Users can report problems with a vehicle – even from their phone. Other users are automatically notified allowing you to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.


Work Orders


Plan, schedule & carry out maintenance with Work Orders. See parts/labor subtotals for line items and log which parts were used and/ or which mechanic did the work.




Create custom inspection forms, conduct inspections with a mobile app and manage reported defects electronically. Access FMCSA-compliant DVIRs from anywhere, keeping your fleet compliant on the road.


Parts & Inventory


Manage detailed parts information and update quantities from anywhere using a mobile app. Record parts usage in Work Orders.



Fuel Management



iPhone & Android Apps


Drivers can log fuel at the pump in just seconds with Fleetio Fuel, the first fuel tracking app designed specifically for fleets.


Import Fuel Transactions


Import fuel data from a spreadsheet. Create reusable templates and quickly import data from the same source on a regular basis.


Fuel Metrics


Fuel economy (MPG, km/L & L/100km) is automatically calculated for each fill-up. Monitor your fleet’s fuel efficiency to improve driving habits and reduce fuel costs.


Fuel Card Automation


Fuel data is automatically imported from supported fuel cards. Updates from the pump trigger maintenance alerts, and odometer validation ensures accurate fuel reporting. Notifications are sent when invalid mileages are detected so they can be corrected – improving fuel economy metrics.


Drivers & Vehicles



All Vehicle Details


Store everything about your fleet. Purchase or lease details, operating
expenses, status history, documents and photos, important dates and more — all in one place.


Real-time Cost Per Mile


Cost per mile (or km or hour) is automatically calculated for each vehicle. This powerful metric shows your fleet expenses by utilization and helps compare vehicles.


Employee & Driver Management


Keep detailed records about employees. Set reminders for important dates like license renewals, assign drivers to vehicles and maintain assignment history.


Vendor Management


Track important details about third-party service providers, fuel vendors, in-house groups or cost centers to see exactly how much you’re spending with each vendor.



Collaboration & Integrations



GPS Integration


Automatically update odometer readings, manage diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and analyze fuel location exception reporting through GPS integration.


Unlimited Users


Add unlimited users to keep everyone on the same page. Flexible permissions let you control which vehicles users can access.


Comments & Notifications


Leave notes & comments on just about everything. Other users can subscribe and receive email notifications when a comment is added.


API Integration


Use Fleetio data like vehicle records, maintenance logs and driver information in third-party software applications.


Mobile Access


Manage your fleet from anywhere using your phone or tablet. Users can update vehicles, log issues and enter maintenance or fuel records on the go.



Geotab Integration Setup

Setting up the Geotab integration is simple.


geotab integration setup


Step 1


An Admin user on a Fleetio account can go to the GPS Integrations section of the Account Settings area and add their Geotab credentials.


Step 2


All Geotab devices are then listed and can be mapped to the appropriate vehicles in Fleetio.


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