Fleet Freedom

Pinpoint’s Fleet Freedom product is an easy to use AVL application that provides Fleet Management, MRM (Mobile Resource Management), High Value Asset Tracking, Mobile Management Services and Dispatch all in one application.


  • Driver ID – using a mobile phone or Magellan Roadmate
  • Fleet Inventory – For effective fleet management
  • Dispatch – Navigation, dispatch, driver ID
  • Location – Vehicle, employee, asset
  • Places – Geo-fences, pushpins with Google Street View
  • Custom Behaviors – For vehicles, assets, mobile devices
  • Administration – Employee & fleet management portal
    • Labels – Display, organization tool
    • Employee Management – Punch clock, payroll reporting
    • Custom Images – Vehicles, assets, people
    • Mobile Applications – Android, iOS support
    • Trucking Routes – Based on weight, height, width
    • Mobile Site – Dispatch; manage resources from your phone

    Fleet Complete MGS Fleet Tracker

    PinPoint’s Fleet Tracker provides you the ability to pro-actively track and manage your fleet in real-time, by utilizing key application features such as reporting, alerts, and maintenance reminders. To read about our clients’ experiences with Fleet Tracker, visit our Testimonials page.


    Monitor Fleet Behaviour

    Engine idle time, speeding, rapid acceleration, hard cornering


    Set virtual boundaries around specific areas to ensure compliance with established rules


    Set real-time alerts to identify breech of boundaries to monitor fleet compliance to rules

    Route Optimization

    Fleet dispatchers have real-time visibility to monitor fleet and make last minute changes to routes to improve efficiencies


    Real-Time Visibility

    • Increase productivity – optimized routing and dispatch

    Manage and Monitor Driver Behaviour

    • Reduction in fleet operating hours
    • Reduce fuel costs
    • Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage
    • Extend the life of vehiclee
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


      • Improved driver accountable productivity
      • Enforce company safety policies (seat belts, driver safety)
      • Reduce unauthorized usage