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GPS Tracking is a key component in helping fleet operators minimize the adverse impacts of the fleet upon the environment. It’s simple, you set the policies and we help you enforce them. PinPoint will assist you in developing sound practices to help reduce your fuel consumption, and to focus on securing voluntary assistance from your employees in achieving your sustainability impact goals. The major opportunities for improvement are:

Reduce Engine Idling

Unmonitored fleet engines spend 25% to 35% of their “engine on” time idling. With monitoring, this can be reduced to 17% in the city and 4% on the highway. Reducing Engine Idling reduces carbon emissions accordingly.

Vehicle is in an “engine on” state for 100 hours a month, with a 30% idling rate. A very conservative 10% reduction in idling would result in a fuel consumption saving of 50 litres in one month for that vehicle alone (100 hours X 10% X 5 litres/hr = 50 litres). Aside from helping the environment, at current fuel prices, that is a savings of $60 per vehicle per month.

Reduce Speeding

Decreasing a truck’s speed from 120 kmph to 105 kmph improves fuel efficiency by 14% and therefore reduces emission accordingly. (http://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/we-test-the-tips.html) .

Reduce Jack Rabbit Starts / Harsh Braking

Eliminating jack rabbit starts, and braking gradually upon approaching lights  has the greatest potential for improving fuel economy. Edmunds testing indicated that a Potential Savings of up to 37% was achievable, and that Average Savings were 31%  (http://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/we-test-the-tips.html) .

Do YOUR part to reduce CO2

More and more, businesses are realizing that we all have a responsibility to reduce green house gasses where possible.

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