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What You Need To Know About IFTA

May 3, 2017 - by Vince Arone



What is IFTA?


The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a cooperative tax collection agreement that makes it easier for commercial carriers to report and pay fuel taxes. There are 58 jurisdictions signed on to the agreement – 48 American states, and 10 Canadian provinces. The IFTA redistributes fuel taxes paid by interstate and transnational commercial carriers, ensuring that each member jurisdiction has their fair share of revenue to put towards roads and transportation.


How Does The IFTA Work?


The IFTA requires commercial carriers to pay their fuel taxes proportionally according to the miles driven in each member state or province. Under the IFTA, carriers can obtain an IFTA license, allowing their vehicles to travel through IFTA member jurisdictions, submitting one quarterly fuel tax return to their base jurisdiction. Vehicles registered under the IFTA report the amount of fuel consumed and distance traveled in each jurisdiction to their base jurisdiction, who decides whether they owe taxes or will receive a credit. If not registered with the IFTA, carriers must comply with fuel tax reporting guidelines of the individual states an/or provinces they travel through.



Non-IFTA Jurisdictions


In the United States:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, District of Columbia

In Canada:

  • Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon



Should You Have an IFTA License?


Carriers with qualified motor vehicles that travel in more than one IFTA jurisdiction must obtain an IFTA license. A qualified motor vehicle is one used, designed, or maintained for the transportation of persons or property, and:

  • Having two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26 000 pounds or 11 797 kilograms; or
  • Having three or more axles regardless of weight; or
  • Is used in combination, when the weight of such combination exceeds 26 000 pounds or 11 797 kilograms gross vehicle or registered gross vehicle weight
  • Does not include recreational vehicles

*according to the IFTA Articles of Agreement


ORBA’s Site Unseen Campaign

July 27, 2016 - by Vince Arone

A survey conducted by the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) found that many drivers report witnessing a number of other drivers’ bad habits including speeding (87%), weaving (72%) and road rage (61%).

ORBA’s Site Unseen video series campaign recreates the behaviours drivers display in construction zones in other professional settings. Construction zones are workplaces and should be treated with respect and consideration for their workers. The Site Unseen videos will run throughout the summer. The campaign is supported

by ORBA, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Provincial Police.


We Are Launching a New Service!

October 2, 2013 - by Vince Arone

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, we have significantly augmented our service portfolio to ensure that our customers are able to extract maximum value from their GPS systems. These services are intended to:


  • Enable you to get features deployed in your account without consuming resources within your organization;
  • Enable you to take advantage of the PinPoint subject matter experts’ extensive knowledge;
  • Address specific problems that your business is encountering;
  • Help you to cut your costs and increase your revenues.



The exciting new service packages include:

  • Training and Consulting Services: can be in a form of refresher session or one-on-one training to expand the knowledge of new employees and existing employees with the tracking system. We can also give consultation on how to get more out of your GPS system.

  • Custom Reports: reports with specific metrics to identify and help problems that is unique to your business operations.

  • Geofences: set up zones to track time spent at each customer’s site and allocation of the vehicle. This can be done by drawing each zone separately, mass imports and editing zones.

  • Basic Vehicle Management Setup: includes offload routine database activities such as setting up rules, user accounts, and security clearances.

  • On-site Hardware Support Services: provide onsite technical support to address hardware issues. This includes installation, removal and repairs of any GPS device.

  • Data Reporting: create reports focused on your business historical data and ongoing maintenance of your reports in a weekly or monthly structure. This can be directly viewed from your dashboard. Reporting is focused on the important fleet management factors such as fuel, safety, productivity and vehicle.


These training materials can be replied by any user at any time simply by going to our website at http://www.pinpointgps.ca/training-and-help-videos/. There you will also find a library of short mini-training sessions that are subject specific.  All of these services are available at no charge.  If you cannot find the answer that you are looking for, call or email us.



The cost of our services varies depending on the total quantity and hours involve completing the service, zone or reports.

We can complete the requested reports within one to two weeks based on the requested structure. For technical support schedule, it can depend on the severity and length of the case. As for webinar training, there are several dates available.


We truly believe that your company would greatly benefit from our extended services. For more detailed information, please contact your account manager or visit our services page at www.pinpointgps.ca/services.



PinPoint GPS on Product Spotlight: DeWALT MobileLock

September 12, 2013 - by Vince Arone

Pinpoint GPS Mobile Lock gets on product spotlight at Industry Management Technologies section of Snow Business’s new release edition of July and August 2013. For more detail, read the article on page 48 or simply online at: http://www.snowbusiness-digital.com/JulyAug2013/JulyAug2013/26/1#&pageSet=26




About Snow Business:
Snow Business magazine is published on behalf of the Snow & Ice Management Association by Moose River Media. SIMA and the Snow Business editorial team work with an engaged Editorial Advisory Board to deliver the best industry content available in print via Snow Business magazine and online at Goplow.com.


PinPoint Client Survey Results & Next Steps!

April 18, 2013 - by Vince Arone

PinPoint Client Survey Results & Next Steps!

In early December 2012, PinPoint issued its annual Client Survey.
Our goal  was to better understand how we could serve you, because frankly good service is not enough, we want to be the best.

Overall Results:

More than 85% of our clients are very happy with our service and were willing to recommend us to others. While we received positive reviews overall, we also received some very good constructive criticism, which highlighted potential areas of improvement.

Sales Representatives Specific Results:

The sales representatives were rated on four categories – Timeliness, Professionalism, Industry Knowledge and Customer Service. They did well, gaining an average rating of:

3.3 out of a possible 4, which corresponds to ‘Good’.

Client Support Specific Results:

The team was rated 3.0 on responsiveness, 3.2 on both professionalism and customer service and 3.3 on technical knowledge, for an overall average rating of:

3.2 out of a possible 4, which corresponds to a ‘Good’.

Opportunities for Growth:

Some Respondents indicated:

  • client assistance was only provided ‘moderately quickly’
  • a need for improved communication between staff and client (reduced emailing back and forth)
  • they required more in-depth training to get the most out of our system

PinPoint’s Response:

  1. Developed Client Support Resources – User Videos, Trouble Shooting Guide, Advanced Training
  2. Reviewed & Revised Internal Response System – Established internal procedures & checks
  3. Effective Communication Principles & Practice – Internal Workshop to Increase Competencies

PinPoint Joins BILD

May 29, 2012 - by Vince Arone

PinPoint GPS Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently joined BILD Association.

“The Building Industry and Land Development Association was formed through the merger of the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ association (GTHBA) and the Urban Development Institute/Ontario. BILD is the voice of the land development, home building and professional renovation industry in the Greater GTA. BILD represents more than 1,350 member companies.”

For more information, please visit www.bildgta.ca

PinPoint GPS invited to share successes

April 28, 2009 - by Vince Arone

“Join us and learn how our latest technology is helping HVAC/Mechanical Companies improve their customer experiences as well as “doing more” with their existing fleet in the current economic conditions.”

PinPoint Returns to Congress

December 18, 2008 - by Vince Arone

Please visit us at Landscape Ontario’s 36th Annual International Horticultural Lawn and Garden Trade Show and Conference (Booth 828C), at the Toronto Congress Centre.

No matter what part of the horticulture industry you specialize in, there are many different seminars for you at the Congress Conference.

PinPoint selected by HRAI

September 18, 2008 - by Vince Arone

PinPoint GPS Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently been selected by the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) for inclusion in its Member Advantage Program.

Our success to date has been the result of actively working with associations like HRAI and directly assisting business owners in implementing an effective GPS system. We do this in a manner that provides a win – win – win solution for employees, customers, and management.

“GPS Tracking Becomes Affordable”

- by Vince Arone

“GPS Tracking Becomes Affordable”, says industry magazine The magazine Plumbing and HVAC Product News reviews the benefits of GPS in their September 2008 issue.

“The whole GPS industry has changed. Everybody’s in it now.”

Download the entire article here.

PinPoint at Congress 2008!

January 1, 2008 - by Vince Arone

Click here for a slideshow of pictures from Congress 2008.

Canada’s International Horticultural Lawn and Garden Trade Show & Conference, hosted by Landscape Ontario, will take place January 8, 9, 10, 2008 at the Toronto Congress Centre. As Canada’s largest award-winning Horticultural Lawn and Garden Trade Show, it will feature over 7 acres of exhibitors and over 50 hours of in-depth seminars.

Come visit PinPoint in the Endorsed Suppliers Section adjacent to the Landscape Ontario booth. Parking is free.

PinPoint will provide Complimentary Trade Show Passes to interested participants. Contact PinPoint at office@pinpointgps.ca before January 3rd, 2008 for your complimentary pass.

PinPoint meets Landscape Ontario

August 21, 2006 - by Vince Arone

Landscape Ontario Executive Director Tony Di Giovanni (centre) recently met with Brian Barry (left) and Bob Farrell (right) at Landscape Ontario Offices in Milton.

PinPoint is committed to the development of an effective long term working relationship with Landscape Ontario and its members to ensure that their interests are met. The PinPoint offering is based on a solution aimed at enhancing the members’ businesses through the use of GPS technology.

The key elements include:

  • Specialization – Solution focused on the Landscaping and Snow and Ice Management.
  • Service to the Landscape Ontario Membership- The members will be served by dedicated PinPoint staff.
  • Product Strength and Flexibility – PinPoint has a strong technical platform with versatility.
  • Platform for Future Evolution – PinPoint will work with Landscape Ontario and its committees to enhance the current platform to continue to meet tomorrow’s needs.
  • Favorable Investment Terms and Options – A unique offering has been developed to provide an affordable and cost-effective implementation.
  • Strong Business Benefits – PinPoint’s GPS fleet tracking will increase efficiency, reduce fleet operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you are a Landscape Ontario member and would like to learn more, please contact Brian Barry or Bob Farrell at (905) 361-2880.


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