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Christensen & McLean Roofing Co. Ltd. started using PinPoint in 2012.

"We immediately started enjoying the benefits of locating suppliers within arm’s reach of jobsites, of monitoring our crews’ downtimes and even in helping accurately allocating expenses. PinPoint was easy to work with and strived to understand what worked best for our company, and its needs. We recommend PinPoint to any company with a fleet management that is looking to streamline processes" read more.

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Our Products


The most advanced plug and play technology on the market, Geotab's GO Series allows users to easily and affordably track their fleet.

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Falcon Series GXT5000

Take control: Skybitz’ global tracking and monitoring solution delivers reliable, configurable, and accurate asset location and status information

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Fleet Freedom/Fleet Complete

These applications allow you to monitor your fleet in real time, provides Fleet Management, MRM (Mobile Resource Management), High Value Asset Tracking, Mobile Management Services and Dispatch.

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A Complete System of Record for Your Fleet. Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about vehicles and drivers. Stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime.

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