Fleet Tracking Benefits

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking and fleet management are clear: tracking your vehicles and monitoring of their activities, along with the costs of fleet activities is just good business sense. With PinPoint’s Fleet Tracking Products and Business Services we make your ROI worthwhile! Contact PinPoint today to see how we can help take your business to the next level!


Reduce Fleet Labor and Fuel Costs

Track actual start & finish times
Eliminate time sheet fraud.

Monitor vehicle trips & usage times
Stop unauthorized vehicle use.
Eliminate prolonged or unassigned stops.

Monitor fleet hours & days worked
Quickly detect & reduce excessive overtime hours.


Increase Productivity

Track fleet activity in real time
Increase driver accountability.
Improve work time & trip compliance standards.

Improved routing & dispatch
Serve more customers with same resources.

Improve customer service with more efficient response times by deploying nearest vehicle.

Monitor trip and activity reports
Accurately determine work time allocations.
Identify time & trip infractions.


Improve Customer Service

Give accurate service/delivery times
Meet client expectations.
Improved Routing.
Shorten response time.

Service history reports
Settle disputes amicably with proof of service reports.


Increase ROI

Make better decisions
Determine what action to make based on your driver idling time, speeding fleet cost and other activities.
Know where to allocate your investments.

More than your investment
Receive more value than what you spend.

Positive vs. Negative
Focus on positive driver behavioral pattern and maximize on the results.


Reduce Fuel Costs

Monitor idling, speeding, mileage and routing
Improve gas mileage.
Reduce vehicle wear & tear.
Improve routing.
Dispatch nearest vehicle.

Monitor mileage vs. fuel usage
Ensure you aren’t paying for someone else’s gas.

Monitor trip history
Eliminate private vehicle usage.