About Us

As an industry leader in the GPS fleet tracking and mobile workforce management, PinPoint GPS Solutions provides the state-of-the-art technology and advanced industry knowledge, paired with exceptional customer service and support. PinPoint delivers superior and personalized fleet management solutions for small to large businesses across Canada and the United States.

How we are different

PinPoint’s Competitive Advantage: Our Commitment to Superior Customer Service & Technical Support

We are committed to providing the best fleet tracking solutions to our clients. Our clients receive our full attention from start to finish. We take the time to understand your business needs and use our advanced industry experience to tailor a solution specifically to you. Beyond that, our technical support team is dedicated to providing you with the top available solutions for your specific needs. We provide personalized training to ensure that you get results that pay for!

What we do

PinPoint offers the most advanced plug-and-play products and end-to-end vehicle tracking systems on the market.

Our products and services help companies increase its return on investment by tracking and managing fleets through customize measurements —made easy with our tailored reports, tracking programs and array of professional services designed for our client’s needs.

Who we are

PinPoint is an industry expert—with more than 20 years in telecommunications management—PinPoint understands the technology requirements to help businesses achieve objectives and get to the next level. PinPoint’s technical expertise enables our team to provide clients with highly-customized solutions for all their GPS vehicle tracking needs, such as customized professional service packages including integration to client systems with software development kits.

We serve various key industries including: construction and trades, logistics, waste management, landscape and snow removal and energy.