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Top-performing companies realize that actively managing their fleet is critical to successful operations. They understand that when fleet vehicles are in the shop instead of on the road, it directly impacts the bottom line.

As a result, organizations are integrating fleet maintenance software with their asset management systems to track and analyze increasingly complex driver and vehicle data. By streamlining fleet maintenance processes, preventative maintenance, routine inspections and repairs won’t slip through the cracks – saving the company money while helping ensure safety on the road.

Today’s industry-leading fleet management software solutions:

  • Are simple to use. Software should reduce complexity, not add to it
  • Support collaboration. Teamwork is the best approach to fleet management
  • Provide comprehensive, centralized fleet information. This is key for organization
  • Empower decision making. Data that isn’t informative, isn’t useful

Let’s take a closer look at one fleet management software provider that’s helping thousands of companies around the globe improve their fleet operations.

End-to-End Fleet Maintenance Solutions

Fleetio offers simple, cost-effective, cloud-based fleet maintenance and management solutions for fleets of all sizes. Its solutions empower unlimited users to contribute to a fleet’s success and enable access from anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps. This makes it easy to:

  • Stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Simplify managing driver records and vehicle assignments
  • Share responsibilities and data among team members

A Comprehensive Record-Keeping System

Keeping vehicles and drivers on the road is a difficult, time-consuming job without having to keep track of the immense amounts of data required to maintain the fleet. Fleetio solutions track and analyze the fleet data, so you have accurate information needed to make both strategic and day-to-day tactical decisions. Now you can focus on the big picture, knowing that fleet data is at your fingertips and always available.

Here are a few examples of the data Fleetio tracks and how it can benefit your fleet operations.

Maintenance & Repairs

Scheduling has never been easier. Multiple users can subscribe to receive reminder notifications for any service task such as an oil change. Plus, you can plan, schedule and carry out maintenance with work orders. Access parts/labor subtotals for line items, log which parts were used and which mechanic did the work, and manage detailed parts information from anywhere using a mobile app.

Help keep your fleet compliant by accessing FMCA-compliant DVIRs from anywhere and facilitating defect reporting and inspections. Users can report vehicle problems via their phone and automatically notify you to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. Custom inspection forms can be electronically created and inspections conducted with a mobile app.

Fuel Management

Drivers can log fuel at the pump in just seconds with Fleetio Fuel, the first fuel tracking app (iOS and Android) designed specifically for fleets. Fuel economy is automatically calculated for each fill-up, and your fleet’s fuel efficiency is monitored to improve driving habits and reduce fuel costs.

Fuel data is automatically imported from supported fuel cards. Updates from the pump trigger maintenance alerts, and odometer validation ensures accurate fuel reporting. Notifications are sent when invalid mileages are detected so they can be corrected – improving fuel efficiency.

Vehicle and Driver Management

Store all of your vehicle details in one place, including purchase details, operating expenses, status history, photos and more. Cost-per-mile is automatically calculated for each vehicle, allowing you to compare expenses by vehicle. You can also assign drivers to vehicles and maintain assignment history.

Important details about third-party service providers, fuel vendors, in-house groups or cost centers can be tracked to report how much you’re spending with each vendor or department.

Made for Integration

Fleetio’s software is designed to connect to other business systems your fleet uses every day, including fuel cards, vehicle maintenance, GPS and telematics.

One example of how Fleetio can enhance a fleet’s GPS and telematics capabilities is through its seamless integration with Geotab devices. This integration enables:

  • Automatic odometer readings that sync every day or can be triggered to sync at any time with a one-click option
  • Visibility of a vehicle’s current location on Fleetio’s vehicle profile page
  • Speedy repair and quick resolution of failed inspection items by automatically creating issues from Geotab DVIRs
  • Management of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and engine faults by creating an issue in Fleetio with one click and sending email notification of new fault codes
  • Seamless navigation between Fleetio and Geotab to view a vehicle’s current location

Impact the Bottom Line

Fleetio’s fleet maintenance and management solutions can make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line by identifying problems early, eliminating vehicle downtime and lowering maintenance costs. To learn more about Fleetio and other fleet tracking solutions provided by Descartes PinPoint GPS Solutions, contact us: https://www.pinpointgps.ca/contact/.