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PinPoint entered the GPS business over a decade ago, and it never ceases to amaze me how many of our customers have been with us from the beginning.  Our account base has grown year over year, and that is in large part due to the loyalty of our existing customers.  It has been a critical part of our success.
Every company knows it is costly to replace lost business, but PinPoint placed an emphasis on customer retention early on and it has paid great dividends in terms of customer loyalty and long-term relationships.
I was recently asked how PinPoint is different and why we’ve been able to keep these long-term customers.  I think it really comes down to these 5 things:

  • Evolving When Necessary: Our products have evolved over time to address the needs of our clients and stay ahead of the technology curve. We’ve also adapted our internal processes many times over the years to better serve our growing customer base and continually improve on how we do things.


  • Focusing on our Core Competencies. In a time where many companies are trying to be all things to all people, PinPoint has been very selective about the solutions and services it has brought to market.   We remain primarily a GPS and Telematics company, which allows us to provide superior expertise.


  • Employee Engagement: Everyone at PinPoint knows that employee engagement is a key part of our culture. Every employee is encouraged to look for better ways to do things, think outside the box, and understand each other’s roles. In addition, we all know that the customer is paramount.   In every role, staff are encouraged to understand that everything we do has an impact on customer experience.


  • Customer Engagement: Basically, we listen to our customers. We welcome feedback about our products, how customers use them, what else is in the market, and our customer service.  We provide customers with flexibility where possible, and use feedback to improve our delivery of GPS products and services.


  • Always Looking to Increase Value: In a world where technology is constantly evolving and commoditization is an issue, adding value is critical. When a customer buys a GPS system from PinPoint, we make it our mission to make sure they are getting the maximum value from that investment. This may involve periodic account reviews, notifications for down devices, customer surveys, proactive phone calls and e-mails, training sessions, custom reporting, and so on.

The GPS landscape is constantly changing, most recently with the implementation of regulatory requirements around Electronic Log Data (ELD).  It’s been great to see how many of our customers have come to us to seek our expertise and help them navigate.  We look forward to many more years of success for our customers and PinPoint alike.