PinPoint Journal By Peter Paige

Case Study : Site Supervisors
Industry: Construction
Problem: High fuel cost with some supervisors, and lack of accountability to management and subordinates. Fuel by 2 of the supervisors was over double the other 2 with same work load.
Pinpoint Installed four Go6 units in The 4 supervisors truck, they were not told initially that the units were in the vehicles. Benchmarked for one week to see what would happen  two supervisors had excessive idle time compounded by multiple return trips to the materials supplier in the same day, and excessive breaks ie Tim Hortons. Two other supervisors had more than necessary idle time but nothing like the first two. They too had multiple trips to the materials supplier.
Ops manager had meeting with all four supervisors after the 1st week to tell them they had these units in their trucks . Reviewed the data with each Site Supervisor, especially the idling and excessive trips to the supplier. One supervisor was warned about the amount of time spent at Fast Food places. All supervisors were asked why the multiple trips, why are they not planning their day better ie list of materials from supplier, so as to stop wasting time and fuel as their job is to be on site.
All Supervisors reminded to turn vehicles off when not required to be running .
Ops manager initiated a bi weekly review of data with Supervisors and then moved to monthly
Results: Able to reduce amount of trips to suppliers from multiple trips per day per site to less than a trip per day , by planning out the materials for the week, after initial week , they were able to reduce idle time by 12% in the 1st month of August . Site Supervisors spend the majority of time on site .
Ops manager is happy with the results and is implementing the data from the Geotab product into one on one reviews