We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, we have significantly augmented our service portfolio to ensure that our customers are able to extract maximum value from their GPS systems. These services are intended to:


  • Enable you to get features deployed in your account without consuming resources within your organization;
  • Enable you to take advantage of the PinPoint subject matter experts’ extensive knowledge;
  • Address specific problems that your business is encountering;
  • Help you to cut your costs and increase your revenues.
The exciting new service packages include:

  • Training and Consulting Services: can be in a form of refresher session or one-on-one training to expand the knowledge of new employees and existing employees with the tracking system. We can also give consultation on how to get more out of your GPS system.

  • Custom Reports: reports with specific metrics to identify and help problems that is unique to your business operations.

  • Geofences: set up zones to track time spent at each customer’s site and allocation of the vehicle. This can be done by drawing each zone separately, mass imports and editing zones.

  • Basic Vehicle Management Setup: includes offload routine database activities such as setting up rules, user accounts, and security clearances.

  • On-site Hardware Support Services: provide onsite technical support to address hardware issues. This includes installation, removal and repairs of any GPS device.

  • Data Reporting: create reports focused on your business historical data and ongoing maintenance of your reports in a weekly or monthly structure. This can be directly viewed from your dashboard. Reporting is focused on the important fleet management factors such as fuel, safety, productivity and vehicle.

These training materials can be replied by any user at any time simply by going to our website at http://www.pinpointgps.ca/training-and-help-videos/. There you will also find a library of short mini-training sessions that are subject specific.  All of these services are available at no charge.  If you cannot find the answer that you are looking for, call or email us.
The cost of our services varies depending on the total quantity and hours involve completing the service, zone or reports.
We can complete the requested reports within one to two weeks based on the requested structure. For technical support schedule, it can depend on the severity and length of the case. As for webinar training, there are several dates available.
We truly believe that your company would greatly benefit from our extended services. For more detailed information, please contact your account manager or visit our services page at www.pinpointgps.ca/services.