PinPoint Journal By Bob Farrell

Case Study: Customer Identifies Risky Driving Behaviour
Industry: Fire Service Industry
Problem/Scenario: Recently, one of our customers used PinPoint’s systems to identify that it had a chronic speeding problem in its driver pool. Many of the drivers were routinely using company vehicles at speeds of 30 kmph over the limit or greater. The most egregious example was a driver that was clocked at speeds in excess of 140 kmph on multiple occasions.

The customer has now implemented several steps to cut down on this risky behavior:
• Utilization of the driver feedback mechanism to warn drivers of excessive speed;
• Email alerts to management of extreme violations so that action may be taken at the time the problem occurs;
• Routine speeding reports to capture data at a detailed and summary level by driver
• Production of speed graphs when needed for counselling purposes.

Results: The program is relatively new (< 2 months old), but has resulted in a 35% reduction in the number of recorded speed violations, and complete elimination of speeds in excess of 128 kmph.


About The Author: Bob Farrell

Bob is one of the founders of PinPoint. Prior to joining our team, Bob spent over 20 years in large multi-national telecommunications companies such as Nortel Networks, Hyperchip, and Arkipelago Inc. as VP of Finance and Sales in Europe and North America. Since Pinpoint’s inception, Bob has played a key role in building the company’s sales and operations team, and has taken an active role in the company’s work with its equipment partners, customers, and trade organizations such as Landscape Ontario, and the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA).