Communication Breakdown

In any business that employs human personnel communication breakdown is a common occurrence. A file gets lost, a message is never delivered, a phone call reaches the wrong employee and many other similar hazards may cause vital information to never reach the correct recipient. In businesses where most employees are on the road as part of a vehicle fleet these communication problems are even worse.
Reaching someone who is driving on the highway, delivering a container to the next city is not as easy as it seems, regardless of cell phones and such. Using the phone while driving is just as dangerous as driving in an intoxicated state, some studies show. Having your drivers in such a dangerous state can be detrimental to the driver’s health, the cargo and the business property. Aside from the monetary loss such danger spells, it is also important to remember the loss in reputation and credibility if a delivery does not arrive, or word comes out that your drivers are driving dangerously.
Phone calls also can lead to misinformation, since the driver already has so much on his mind, minding the road and his passengers or cargo, that words can be confused over the phone. The noise of the streets does not help correct communication either. Add to all this stress of being at work and the stress of each driver’s personal life and you have a recipe for disaster.
It is true that most calls will deliver the message correctly, but those few that won’t be understood correctly can make the difference between profit and bankruptcy for your business.
It will often be the case that a new job will be offered on short notice and all your fleet will be on the road. During such emergencies it is a headache to find the vehicle that is less inconvenienced to get to the new destination. You don’t know exactly where your cars are and you have to rely on your drivers being able to inform you correctly and being willing to change schedules on such short notice.
From the driver’s point of view it is just as much of a headache to be constantly called and harassed by beeping phones or a humming radio. Productivity drops when drives feel stressed. The driver might fear to misunderstand information and won’t be able to focus on the road as much as he or she should while receiving a call. This might lead to accidents, which will cost the business a lot in both profit and reputation.
If you want the best method out there, which is able to deliver instantly new coordinates to your vehicles and able to immediately know where all your vehicles are, you need a GPS tracking system. This system will make it easy for you to determine which vehicle is closest to the new destination and it will also allow you to deliver those new coordinates through the GPS tracking system itself.
Your clients will be pleasantly surprised when their emergency delivery is so timely, which makes your business seem extremely reliable. Taxi clients will also rejoice when they find one of your cars any time they need to, no matter the time or the unknown road they are standing in.
In short the benefits of a GPS tracking system when it comes to communication with your drivers are:

  • You will know where your vehicles are and you will be able to determine on your own which vehicle should change route and which not.
  • Your drivers can receive new information without needing to answer the phone or radio. This way you improve the safety conditions in which your drivers work in, since driving while answering the phone is just as dangerous as driving in a mildly intoxicated state.
  • Your clients will enjoy quick deliveries and pickups, marveling at your planning abilities and punctuality, no matter how urgent an emergency they throw at you. This way your reputation improves and you become very competitive in the market.


No matter what type of vehicle fleet business you own, you will often find it difficult to communicate correctly with your drivers. This will often lead to many contracts being lost and a lot of profit too, not to mention reputation. A GPS tracking system can take away all your communication troubles, by making you able to pinpoint the position of all your vehicles and send the best suited vehicle all the information it needs on the new contract via the tracking system itself. This way there is no radio or phone calls and your business can be conducted swiftly and safely.