PinPoint Journal By Tim Vezina

CASE STUDY: Arrival and Departure Times at customer location
INDUSTRY: Supermarket Floor Maintenance
Summary and Problem: The organization has 35 trucks that service a large Supermarket Chain for Floor Maintenance. The contract was requesting reports for arrival times and departure times of the technicians on a monthly basis for each store. To meet this requirement the client installed PinPoint’s G06 Plug and Play solution, and incorporated the utilization of Geofencing of each location. Reports are generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to present – Arrival Times, Departure Times, and total time spent at each location.
In addition to this the Service Company has been able to implements many other features to generate significant Return:

  • Reduction in engine idling across the fleet
  • Real time location of vehicles provided ability to dispatch the closest technician for emergency service calls
  • The ability to measure that each store had been serviced during the applicable time period, minimizing missed service dates.
  • Employee performance measurements on length of service calls, routes travelled to minimize kilometres, and driver behaviour metrics on speeding, and rough vehicle usage.

Result: Secured an additional term with supermarket chain with presentation of reports from PinPoints system, and generated significantly more internal visibility to day to day fleet operations. Thus generating more management information to make accurate on the fly critical decisions.

About the Author: Tim Vezina

Tim Vezina has over 15 years’ experience in introducing GPS telematics to help grow small business.  He helped bring AVL to Canada in the late 90’s, and has grown with the evolution of the technology.   His passion for telematics, has given him with the ability to easily demonstrate how the collection of fleet field data will achieve huge payback.  Tim has helped more than 300 companies understand how GPS telematics continues to work from day one of installation.   Tim continues to manage more than 150 customers on a day to day basis.