Clear Rules for Clear Profit

All good businessmen know the importance of clear rules being set to the employees. Rules don’t only protect the interest of the employer, but they also help the employee know his safe limits. Often employees do not know that their behavior is out of line, because they don’t know exactly what their employer desires of them and what the goals of the company are.
Some of the most important reasons to have a set of clear rules for all to refer to are:

  • Safety of the human personnel. Many rules are designed specifically to protect personnel from accidents and other types of harm. In vehicle fleets it is important to protect the drivers by setting clear rules about speed limits, area limits and time limits.
  • Protect the personnel’s employed status. People who adhere to a set of rules at work are less likely to behave in inappropriate ways while employed. This does not only protect productivity and the working environment, but it also protects the employee’s status as a working person. Helping your personnel be up for the task helps them keep their jobs and all the benefits they reap from it.
  • Keep the working environment positive. Displeasing a superior will only lead to a negative working environment. If employees do not know exactly how to keep their superiors pleased it can actually be tricky to preserve a positive atmosphere. People who work at places where they do not feel comfortable in are less productive and suffer from more stress, which can cause accidents to happen.
  • Protect your business from lawsuits. If you already have set your rules before someone misbehaves you are less likely to get sued for removing that person from your employment. Being clear about the behavior you expect from your personnel leaves no room for arguments and costly lawsuits. People will know that they are in the wrong.
  • Raise productivity. Employees who know exactly how far they can go without getting burned will rarely overstep those boundaries. Clear rules will diminish idling about and secret cigarette breaks, since the employee can’t pretend that he or she did not know that their behavior is out of line. Having your workers take less undue breaks will raise productivity.

The problem with clear rules is that whatever you might decree as a rule does not always carry the same importance. If you forbid untimely cigarette breaks, but there is nobody around to check that your rules are being upheld, then your rules might as well not exist. People will rarely follow a rule out of the good of their hearts or because of their moral fiber, and even if they do, a business’s operations cannot depend on the goodwill of its employees alone.
If your business is situated in a building you can easily supervise your employees through a video camera system. If your employees are on the road, driving your vehicle fleet, then it is a whole new kind of game. The best way to check that your drivers are following your rules is to have a GPS tracking system do it for you. The tracking system works similarly to the video cameras, but it also gives you many added bonuses. While you actually need someone to check the video footage to catch someone red-handed, the GPS system can do that on its own.
For instance, you can set a clear rule that your trucks or taxis should never drive above a certain speed. The moment your driver steps too hard on the pedal you will immediately know. You could also forbid your drivers to take certain routes, or to operate outside a certain perimeter. As soon as someone oversteps those boundaries your GPS tracking system will inform you.
You can see easily on your monitors if your driver is taking too many toilet or coffee breaks, or if he or she is driving the wrong way. This allows you to have proof when you treat your employees in the way your business plan deems fit when they ignore your rules. Having proof of the employee’s deed will save you from lawsuits and their disruptive protests.


Having clear rules for your employees to abide by is a must in any decent business. You can’t expect your personnel to know how you want to run your business and which behaviors you do or do not endorse, unless you make it perfectly clear with written rules everyone needs to know about. Having rules alone won’t cut it. You need systems to make sure your rules are being followed, since no healthy business can rely on its employee’s moral integrity. The GPS tracking system is the best, if not the only, way to make sure that a vehicle fleet is being driven according to your standards. You will save yourself a lot of pain and money by making sure your drivers do not overstep the boundaries you set for them to protect your business interests as well as your employees’ own safety.