Many business owners with vehicle fleets find themselves in a dilemma; on one hand they already have a successful business but on the other hand they know they could squeeze more profit out of it, if only their operations were more organized. However, investing in a GPS tracking system is not an easy decision to make. There are the initial and recurring costs, as well as the fear that it all might be in vain. Below, we will look into the benefits of operating a decent GPS tracking system.
GPS tracking systems can eliminate many of the problems you face when trying to manage a fleet of vehicles efficiently. The main points a GPS tracking system can vastly improve are:

  • Eliminating idle driving. It sounds innocent enough, but we all know how much money we lose because a driver took another cigarette break or he drove the vehicle for his own purposes. It is all too often when drivers do not feel that they are being kept accountable that they use the vehicle for personal affairs and that they allow themselves too many breaks during their route. Simply driving slower than they could can be a hassle too. A GPS tracking system eliminates all such trouble by keeping your drivers accountable.
  • Improving routing. Even if your drivers are experienced, the human mind can do a lot of mistakes under pressure. With a GPS tracking system you always know the fastest and most economic route to reach your target. This way you can save a lot of fuel and be more competitive, since you’ll reach places faster than others that don’t own a sophisticated system like yours.
  • Control of speed and safety. You will immediately know if one of your drivers is being reckless with your property. People tend to drive vehicles they don’t own less carefully, something that might cost you in vehicle maintenance afterwards. With your GPS tracking system you will know the exact speed at which your vehicles are being driven and you will know whenever the drivers are driving dangerously, crossing red lights or taking forbidden turns. In the end you’ll keep both your drivers and vehicles safe.
  • Faster communication with your drivers. When there is a change of plans a GPS tracking system can immediately inform your driver of his new assignment. That way, you do not have to call the driver personally anymore, something that can be quite dangerous at times. You can react quickly to new opportunities without having to think of the hassle of changing your driver’s plans via telephone or texting.
  • Strict and monitored rules. If you want your vehicles to stay within a certain area you can easily set that rule and have an alarm ring whenever a driver disobeys the rule. This way you can set clear boundaries to your drivers and you can handle the problems arising in any way your business policy agrees with.

As we can see, a GPS tracking system tackles pretty much every problem that can arise in the management of a vehicle fleet in a business. It is just as good for a small fleet as it is for a large one, as the rise in profit and return on investment actually comes from each car individually and is not tied to fleet size. This means a business with two cars will increase each car’s profit just as much (proportionally) as a business with a hundreds of vehicles. In other words, GPS tracking systems are perfectly scalable.
If you are still in doubt consider this: Fuel prices will only rise from now on. Idle driving increases together with the fuel price since people will consider using the work’s car for personal business to save their own money. If you wish to keep your profits high you have to find a way to spend fuel wisely and keep your employees in check. It is in human nature to cut corners, so it is in everyone’s interest to set clear rules and have a good, reliable system watching over your fleet. This way you can watch your business bloom and your employees know exactly what is asked from them.
Looking at it from the client’s point of view, when you are transporting people they will certainly be pleased your driver does not dally or take wrong turns. Punctuality and honesty goes a long way as far as customers are concerned. If a customer feels that he is paying more than he should, because a driver took wrong turns, you will lose business. If you are transporting goods you can bet on it that your customers need very punctual and fast transport. If a business realizes you are the fastest transport they will use you and a solid GPS tracking system may be all you need to prove that you are the best there is!