Idle Driving
It is common in businesses that work with vehicle fleets for drivers not to work to their full potential. It is a sad reality that employees lose their passion to work hard when their salaries are fixed, no matter what they do and when nobody can prove what they are doing instead of working. The excuses you hear will range from the typical to the bizarre:
“The streets were busy”, “There was a car-crash a few meters before me”, “I had a stomach ache and needed to stop thirty times to go to the toilet”… there is no end to it.
You might think you have your driver’s idle driving under control by setting them tight hours to work in and by monitoring their times like a hawk. This can only bring mediocre results, because drivers will choose to speed on the road to get some extra time to idle about. Speeding and dangerous driving can cost you an employee and a car at the same time, not to mention you will scare your customers and irreparably lose face in your market.
To understand the problem, you need to know what causes it. Here are some typical reasons why your drivers will choose to work less efficiently:

  • The call of nature. Drivers will use their need to visit a bathroom as an excuse to grab a cup of coffee or a snack and before you know it fifteen minutes have passed instead of a two minute toilet break.
  • Family. When people have a driver in the family who works with other people’s gas money they will often find it very logical to abuse the system and use that car for family affairs. This can range from a simple lift to get the kids from school to shopping trips and whole journeys with the family in the vehicle.
  • Boredom. Drivers will often get frustrated and drive slower or do detours to visit a place they like.
  • Ignorance. Some people are used to driving on certain roads and will avoid others, which might actually be better and faster routes. Drivers do not have innate knowledge of the best routes and rarely choose them as well as a computer system does.
  • Conducting personal business on the side. It is not unheard of that drivers will use the vehicle for their own small business at the same time they use it for yours, without of course paying you any rent or asking for rights.
  • Abusing changes to the schedule. Sometimes you have to change a route quickly because a pressing deal has come up. Drivers will often use the confusion created by the telephone calls and the new information given to delay their work and you will be blamed for it.

Fact is you can’t know how much money you are losing unless you actually look into it deeply. Another fact is that businessmen lose on average more money than they think they are. Thankfully in our times there is a simple technological answer to this dire problem. Any serious business man owning a vehicle fleet has at least once considered buying a GPS tracking system, and for good reason.
With a GPS tracking system you will immediately know where all your cars are, how long they are stopping, where they are stopping and how fast they are driving. Immediately, you have solved over half of your businesses problems:

  • Drivers will not even think of using their car for their family or for personal business, since you can easily catch them red-handed with your tracking system. What used to be a logical thought by irresponsible employees has now become a dangerous gamble thanks to this simple technology.
  • Your drivers won’t speed drive ever again. Your GPS tracking system will immediately alert you if your driver does anything dangerous with your vehicle and it is impossible to cheat it. This way you don’t only save your own property from damage, which drivers often don’t care as much about, you also save your employee from danger.
  • Your GPS tracking system will alert you at once if your driver is taking any other route except the fastest one. Your system will also help your driver by suggesting the fastest route immediately once you want it.
  • No more excuses about misinformation and confusion. The moment you want to change a route your driver will have the exact information on his screen. There is no room to claim to be confused.


Even if you try to guess what your drivers are doing behind your back, you probably can’t imagine the whole truth. From catering to the family needs to selling drugs (yes we’ve seen that too!), your drivers could be losing you a lot of time and money and even endanger the reputation of your company. A GPS tracking system won’t only eliminate idle driving; it will also prevent your drivers from doing illegal actions, like abusing your property and stealing your gas money. Your tracking system will also protect your drivers from their urge to drive faster than they should or cross a red light. In the end everyone in the business wins.