On November 9 & 10, 2011, PinPoint GPS hosted a booth at The Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo in Montreal.  Bob Farrell and Tim Vezina attended from our organization and found it was a great opportunity to discuss our experience with GPS in this industry and gain insight from the many waste management professionals who visited our booth.

Our discussions touched on several key areas:

  1. Full compliance with most municipal waste tender requirements
  2. Ability to verify services rendered in a dispute
  3. Dispatch and routing capabilities to increase customer service and reduce response intervals
  4. Improved Employee Safety
  5. Reduced Costs for Labour and Fleets
  6. Generation and sharing of operating metrics for the business, departments within the business, and down to truck or crew level
  7. Minimized manual keypunching of route sheets with SDK integration to billing and payroll systems

Overall, we found a consistent interest in the various waste management sensors PinPoint can provide.  In particular, attendees were interested in the plug and play hardware, which enables a fleet of trucks to be equipped with GPS tracking devices in a fraction of the time that is required for hardwired devices. The time savings translate directly into reduced investment requirements for our customers.
If you would like to hear more about PinPoint’s Waste Management solutions, click here or contact PinPoint Sales at sales@pinpointgps.ca (1-855-624-6477 ext 303).