Landscape Ontario Executive Director Tony Di Giovanni (centre) recently met with Brian Barry (left) and Bob Farrell (right) at Landscape Ontario Offices in Milton.

PinPoint is committed to the development of an effective long term working relationship with Landscape Ontario and its members to ensure that their interests are met. The PinPoint offering is based on a solution aimed at enhancing the members’ businesses through the use of GPS technology.
The key elements include:

  • Specialization – Solution focused on the Landscaping and Snow and Ice Management.
  • Service to the Landscape Ontario Membership- The members will be served by dedicated PinPoint staff.
  • Product Strength and Flexibility – PinPoint has a strong technical platform with versatility.
  • Platform for Future Evolution – PinPoint will work with Landscape Ontario and its committees to enhance the current platform to continue to meet tomorrow’s needs.
  • Favorable Investment Terms and Options – A unique offering has been developed to provide an affordable and cost-effective implementation.
  • Strong Business Benefits – PinPoint’s GPS fleet tracking will increase efficiency, reduce fleet operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you are a Landscape Ontario member and would like to learn more, please contact Brian Barry or Bob Farrell at (905) 361-2880.