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Become a PinPoint Sales Agent

February 19, 2013 - by PinPoint

Become a PinPoint Sales Agent

Pinpoint is one of Canada’s leading GPS fleet tracking partners. In addition to a suite of products from leading vendors such as Geotab, DeWalt and others, we back up our products with a unique combination of technical support excellence, and a professional services team that helps our customers obtain optimal ROI from their investment. We have customers from coast to coast, and are currently looking for agents in Western Canada, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada to help us continue our rapid volume growth.


Start Selling and Earning Right Away

Joining the PinPoint Sales Agent program allows you to start selling our products almost immediately, without the investment necessary to develop your own product or analyze other vendors’ offerings. PinPoint has already combed the industry for best of breed. This enables you to focus on what you do best – selling to your contacts and into your network.


The Tools to do the Job

PinPoint will provide you with a full set of collaterals, samples, and access to a demonstration account so that you are fully equipped to succeed. We will also make fast track trial units available so that you can provide your prospects with the opportunity to see first-hand what a difference PinPoint can make. This will help you to close more orders, and to close them faster. Most importantly, you will get sales leads in your area that are driven by our marketing campaigns.



PinPoint has been in the industry for years – we understand what it takes for you to be successful, and we will provide you with a training package that will help you get off the ground quickly.



When you sell, you will be well compensated for your results with a lucrative commission that does not have caps, and bonus structure that rewards achievement of targets.


The PinPoint Difference

In addition to the technical excellence of our products, your customers will benefit from:

  • the PinPoint gift wrapped solution
  • PinPoint’s unique Catch Somebody Doing Something Right training
  • PinPoint’s professional services team, and
  • PinPoint’s technical support team.

This will help you to sell and earn more.


If you are interested, please contact us at sales@pinpointgps.ca


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